Las Vegas Hotel Review

Las Vegas - Home of 20 of the 25 largest hotels in the world. We review each Las Vegas hotel we like.

Las Vegas Travel Tip #1: Buffets

The buffets can be great in Las Vegas. For travel tip #1: you will pop if you keep eating!

Seriously now, this is the first in our running series of Las Vegas travel tips, some serious, some for fun. Scroll down for other LV tips.

Paris Buffet

Paris Buffet: Le Village Buffet at
The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

This is the Las Vegas Hotel Review of the Paris Buffet, called the Le Village buffet at the Paris Hotel provides a semi-French dining experience. The French cuisine abounds, but also Las Vegas buffet favorites, like unlimited crab legs.

First an update on our previous review:

We have eaten at the Le Village Buffet inside the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino probably seven times in the past five years.  It still continues as one of our favorite buffets in town, it may have slipped a bit of late.  Perhaps it's time for some refurbishments. That said most of the original review holds today, so here it is...

For a more complete review of buffets in Vegas try the Listitude list of the best buffets in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas hotels are known worldwide as the originators of gourmet buffets. Tthe cuisine at the Paris Le Village buffet is accessible, and at the high end of Las Vegas buffets in quality not price.

To get to the Le Village Buffet, either valet park (or take a taxi) to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel or park in the self-parking structure. Entering the Paris Hotel main entrance, keep to your right as you walk through the Paris, France themed casino, until you enter the vibrant Paris street scene mall of shops and restaurants in the rear. Browse the shops and dining options, until you reach the Le Village buffet about three-quarters of the way down the street. Sometimes a line extends out the door, but typically it is only a 10-15 minute wait. When we arrived, the Le Village buffet attendant was completely inaccurate in estimating the wait at over an hour. That caused some patrons to leave, perhaps shortening our wait by a minute. By the way if you self-park, the escalator from the garage drops you fairly close to the Paris buffet. Turn right to go to Bally's and walk straight to reach the Le Village Paris Hotel buffet.

The price is in the mid-range for Las Vegas hotel buffets we review. The staff is very accommodating quickly offering a choice of drinks, and then in true Las Vegas buffet tradition, it is off to the meal. The Paris Le Village buffet is a large hotel buffet with a large variety of entree items and a huge selection of French pastries and American favorites for desert. We greatly enjoy the wide variety of sausages at the Paris brunch buffet. Dinner features a wide variety of regional French and American favorites. The French cuisine includes stations of regional dishes, including Provence, Alcace, Burgundy, Normandy, and Savoie. We liked the beef bourguignon and veal at dinner the last time.

The interior feel of the Paris buffet is like a Paris or French street scene, with the serving stations built in to scale replicas of French looking buildings. Of course it is France, Las Vegas style, and a lot of fun. Dining is in a series of rooms, ranging from intimate French chateau style, to larger outdoor cafe style.

In summary, the Las Vegas Hotel Review gives the Paris Buffet, called the Le Village Buffet at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel two thumbs up. Price: $$ Medium.

Other Las Vegas Buffets include:
  • Mirage Hotel Buffet - Cravings: Selection size, Large.

  • Rio Suites Hotel Buffet - Carnival World Buffet: Selection size, large; seating size, large

  • Rio Seafood Buffet - Village Seafood Buffet: Selection size, large; seating size, medium

  • Luxor Las Vegas Hotel Buffet - Pharaoh's Pheast Buffet: Selection size, large; seating size, large

  • Caesars Palace Buffet - Cafe Lago Buffet: Selection size, medium; seating size, medium.

  • Mandalay Bay Buffet - Bayside Buffet: Selection size, small; seating size, large.

  • Palms Las Vegas Hotel Buffet: Selection size, medium; seating size, small.

  • New York, New York Hotel Las Vegas, Chin Chin Buffet: Breakfast only, selection size small; seating size small
Enjoy, from Las Vegas Hotel Review!

July in Las Vegas

Love the heat, well should've joined us in Las Vegas last week! Between the Wynn, M and City Center was an interesting hot stay.

Luxor Las Vegas Review

Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Review

The Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is a remarkable sight flying in to Las Vegas' McCarran Airport. You can not miss it on the left as your plane decends. Arrive during the day, and the 30-story Luxor pyramid shines in the desert sun. Arrive in Las Vegas at night and the Luxor's 7000 watt beacon can be seen for hundreds of miles.

With 4408 rooms the Luxor Las Vegas Hotel is the second largest hotel in the world - and second largest in Las Vegas, after the MGM -- making the Luxor a terrific themed resort.
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The Luxor Las Vegas Hotel is themed on ancient Egypt - at the times of the Pharaoh. The Luxor Pyramid is a stylized replica of the famous great pyramid of Giza.

Some of the best rooms in the Luxor Las Vegas hotel are located in the pyramid itself. Go past the security guard to the "inclinator" as the elevator is called. Why "inclinator", well the elevator actually moves up at an angle following the outer walls of the pyramid. And the rooms in the Luxor pyramid have angled glass outside walls -- since the walls are angled just like the pyramid. You walk to your room on open walkways that overlook the atrium, also the world's largest. All told, this makes for an unforgettable hotel experience.

After its opening in 1993, the Luxor became an instant sensation. Soon planning began on expansion, and two additional twin "ziggurat" hotel towers were built, filling out the resort to its present size. These "east" and "west" towers are newer, so may have more modern rooms. Located between the Mandalay Bay Hotel and the Excalibur Hotel, the Luxor is in a prime location for restaurants, entertainment and casinos.

Of course the Luxor Hotel has a casino, after all it is in Las Vegas. Opposite the check-in desk the 120,000 square foot casino opens up wide. It is a full casino, with all the usual gambling possibilities, including baccarat, roulette, black jack, craps, slot machines and a sports book. More recently a poker room was opened, featuring poker tournaments and table games. The Luxor casino also has added a high limit area for players playing for big stakes.

The theme rides are an attraction for adults and kids of all ages. There is an IMAX motion simulator ride, which I found particularly engaging. The attractions also include various replicas of ancient Egypt including tombs and statues.

For entertainment, the Luxor Hotel features four shows, some adult themed. Crazy comic "Carrot Top" presently is performing in a theater with rotating shows. Check before buying tickets.

As for dining, the Luxor includes six restaurants, a "Pharaoh's Buffet" and food court. No shortage of selection, including:

  • Luxor Steakhouse
  • Fusia Luxor with Asian cuisine
  • Cafe Girogio Italian cuisine
  • Burger Bar
  • La Salsa Mexican food
  • Pyramid Cafe, open 24 hours in the casino
  • Backstage Deli - a New York style deli. Check out the corned beef sandwiches.
  • Pharaoh's Pheast Buffet - traditional Las Vegas opulence
  • Food Court for fast food.

Amenities include a lot of what you expect at a resort:

  • Spa
  • Pool - 4 pools on 5 acres
  • Luxor Wedding Coordinator
  • Golf - No course, but concierge can set up tee times.
  • Shopping - 29 stores

For business, there is approximately 21,000 sq. ft. of meeting and ballroom space.

Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Statistics:

  • Rates: $$ - Medium
  • Rooms: 4,408 in Pyramid and two ziggurat towers
  • Casino: 120,000 square feet (11,000 meters)
  • Theme: Ancient Egypt
  • Attractions: Themed exhibits and rides

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Mix Restaurant - Mandalay Bay


Mix - Glamor in Beige on White

Mix Restaurant and Club
In Mandalay Bay - THE Hotel

We ate at Mix a few weeks ago. Perched 64 stories atop THE Hotel in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino complex, Mix is glamour in beige on white, bringing world-class cuisine to the Las Vegas strip. You would think the most spectacular aspect of the Mix restaurant would be the 100 miles view out the windows. Wrong! By the end your your meal, the stunning ambiance, and the food itself dominate your attention. This is the Las Vegas Hotel Review review of the Mix Restaurant.

Getting to Mix in the Mandalay Bay complex is part of the adventure and a good place to start the review. You enter the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and wind your way to the THE Hotel Tower in back. As you enter the THE Hotel Lobby, you see a roped off entryway for Mix. Don't go in there, keep walking! That is the entry for the MIX nightclub. Although you can get in that entrance you also have to pay the $20-50 cover per person at that entrance. And, with your meal you get free entry to the club anyway.

So keep walking all the way through THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay. You pass THE coffeehouse, THE front desk, THE fountain, THE chair ... ok you get THE point. Find the main elevator bank and just press the MIX restaurant button and off you go. Get off at the top and there you are.

Mix makes a stunning first impression. The bright white and beige retro 60s color theme is accented by egg-shaped pods - strategically located plastic enclosures providing an intimate dining experience at some tables. Other tables are stretched along the windows with stunning views, and even more comfortable plush leather comfort. We had a window seat with a strip view, but next time, I'm trying one of the plastic pods.

You might spend the whole time trying to figure out the enormous Venetian Murano blown glass chandelier, that extends from the ceiling almost to the floor providing an avante guarde feel.

Alain Ducasse is the resident chef and he cooks up meals as entertainment as you hear the adjoining Mix nightclub pulsing in the background. Try any lamb dish for a unique world-class experience. The shaved truffles accent are a rare specialty of this restaurant rarely found outside New York, LA or Paris.

After your meal, you can head down the hall into the Mix nightclub and enjoy a drink, dancing and company until the morning.

Mix at Mandalay Bay's THE Hotel gets two thumbs up from Las Vegas Hotel Review. Price: $$$$$ High.

Enjoy! From the Las Vegas Hotel Review.


Las Vegas Travel Tip #5

Las Vegas Hotel Review Travel Tip #5: Make a Gambling Budget and Stick To It!

Decide how much you will gamble before leaving for Vegas - and stick to it no matter what happens. Never use a credit card or your checking account card to get more cash for gambling. Never use the cash machine in the casino to get more money for the tables.

But Las Vegas Hotel Review Blogger, what happens if I lose my budget on my first night? Stick with this plan and eat and drink instead. The last thing you want from your Las Vegas trip is a lasting money hangover!

Downtown Hotels


Fremont Street Experience - Downtown Las Vegas Hotels Review

Downtown Las Vegas presents an old-west counterpart to the glitzy world-class style of the Strip. The hotels are smaller, but still large by standards of other cities. The casinos have lower limits too, making them more accessible than the $5-$20 minimums common on the strip. This is a brief review of the downtown Las Vegas Hotels.

At the heart of downtown is the Fremont Street Experience. Starting at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street, the Fremont Street Experience is an open-air mall on five blocks of Freemont Street in downtown Las Vegas. A 90-foot high canopy provides the cover. At night, a light show emerges, projected on the canopy providing a peaceful and interesting pedestrian experience. Lining both sides of the street are the famed hotels of downtown Las Vegas.

As you walk down Freemont Street, the first hotel (actually before you get to the Freemont Street Experience) is the El Cortez. The last is the Plaza. In order, the hotels from the El Cortez to the Plaza include:

  • El Cortez Hotel and Casino - 300 rooms. Price: Low
  • Fitzgeralds Casino and Hotel - 638 rooms on 34 floors. Price: Low
  • Fremont Hotel and Casino - 447 rooms, Price: Low
  • Four Queens Hotel and Casino - 690 rooms on 19 floors. Price: Low
  • Golden Nugget - 1805 Rooms on 18 floors, the largest in downtown. Price: Low-Middle
  • Binion's Horseshoe Gambling Hall and Hotel - 362 rooms on 24 floors. Price: Low
  • Las Vegas Club Hotel and Casino
  • Golden Gate Hotel and Casino - 106 rooms on 6 floors. Price: Low
  • Plaza Hotel and Casino - 1037 rooms on 25 floors. Price: Low-mid.
Also close by are hotels on Ogden Street, including:
  • California Hotel - 800 rooms.
  • Main Street Station Casino and Brewery. Review

This is the Las Vegas Hotel Review blog review of With an emphasis on a big hotel booking engine, is a full service travel website provider, including plane flights reservations, car rental, cruises and vacation packages. requested that we review their site, making this a "sponsored" review. Despite that, we liked the set up of their site and have no problem doing this review for our readers.

With our expert eye to travel detail, we noticed immediately in researching this review that is an implementation of the booking engine. That combined with a pretty site, it seems like an convenient way to go for travelers looking to book online, although we have not personally booked any travel through the site.

This being the Las Vegas Hotel review, we decided to run a test and compare prices for Las Vegas hotel reservations at an even dozen hotels in Las Vegas, comparing, with Travelocity for the review.

The dozen hotels were, Four Seasons Las Vegas Hotel (in the Mandalay Bay complex), Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Paris Las Vegas Hotel - home of the Le Village Buffet, that we previously reviewed - Aladdin Resort and Casino, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, the Las Vegas Hilton, the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, The Palms Casino Resort, Caesars Palace Resort and Casino and the Flamingo Las Vegas. This made for a comparison of Las Vegas hotel reservations at higher priced hotels, like the Wynn and Four Seasons, mid-priced resorts, like the Aladdin and the Hilton, and mid-low priced resorts, like the Flamingo. The dates were arbitrarily selected as June 7-11. Not a scientific test, but we found that across all price ranges, the average prices per day were relatively comparable, maybe plus five dollars here and minus five there. The exception was the Four Seasons Las Vegas where seemed to have a special, giving a better price. On the other hand Travelocity had some hotel listings not found on The conclusion is that you should check and compare various hotel reservation sites when booking hotel reservations in Las Vegas.

Continuing with our review, we also checked out Las Vegas car rentals at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport. McCarran of course has car rental counters for the major car rental companies, like Hertz, Avis, National, Thrifty, Dollar, Enterprise, Budget, Alamo etc. For our arbitrarily selected dates, we found that gave price quotes for each of these eight rental car companies. The search results page provided a listing of prices available for economy and compact cars, making price comparisons among rental car companies possible.

An 800 number also was provided for phone bookings.

This is a sponsored paid review, conducted independently the by Las Vegas Hotel Review editor staff. We do not endorse or otherwise sponsor the reservation sites mentioned in this review, or Travelocity, and this review is provided for informational purposes only, without endorsement. We cannot predict or guarantee your enjoyment of any internet site, even our own! This site (Las Vegas Hotel Review) is owned and operated by 1033 Inc. This article may not be copied or reproduced. Copyright 2006-2007 to 1033 Inc. All rights reserved.

Travel Tip - Buffets and Lunch Reservations

Las Vegas Hotel Review Travel Tip #4: Buffets

Las Vegas hotels are known for their sumptuous buffets, ranging from haute cuisine (yes in a buffet) to just plain consumption.
The travel tip is: if you have brunch at a buffet, do not make a lunch reservation. Odds are you will be too full to eat lunch ...(Rio Buffet in Photo)

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino Review

The Monte Carlo Resort is themed as a relaxing Mediterranean style resort, in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. Situated between the Bellagio and New York, New York on the west side of the strip, the Monte Carlo makes a striking old-world impression. Lush marble floors, a grand glittering lobby and crystal chandeliers set the theme as you enter from Las Vegas Blvd. This is the Las Vegas Hotel Review of the Monte Carlo.

We view the Monte Carlo Resort hotel as one of the best kept secrets on the Strip in this review. With 3002 rooms, the Monte Carlo rates as one of the largest hotels in the world. But in Las Vegas, it ranks as mid-sized amongst the giants. Its pricing is in the middle, a more affordable version of the Bellagio or Mirage. Old world charm at a mid-range price. There may be some confusion going on during a major renovation project, but expect the room rates to be a bit lower as a result.

When you check in at the long front desk off the lobby, you feel as if you have landed in a luxurious hotel. The rooms are mid-sized and appointed with marble and cherry furniture.

If you want a grand themed resort, this would not fit the bill. Otherwise, the Monte Carlo it is a good generally reasonably priced option in the middle of the strip.

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Off the casino are convenient restaurants, including a 24 hour cafe, the buffet, Blackstone's Steakhouse, Andre's French Restaurant and Dragon Noodle. In addition there is the famous Monte Carlo Pub & Brewery at the start of the "Street of Dreams" shopping mall (depicted in photo). The Brewery features Pub fare during the day and an active night scene.

The 102,000 casino can be less crowded than others, which has its pluses and minuses depending on your tastes. All the usual Las Vegas games are available, including slots, blackjack, craps, Pai Gow poker, Baccarat and a sports book. The large theater features Lance Burton, a magician.

Monte Carlo Resort and Casino statistics:

  • Rates: $$ - Medium
  • Rooms: 3,002 in a 3 winged tower
  • Casino: 102,000 square feet (8,500 meters)
  • Theme: Old-world calm
  • Attractions: Pool, shopping

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Hotel Reservations Las Vegas Travel Tip

Las Vegas Hotel Review Travel Tip #3: Hotel Reservations

Las Vegas hotel room rates vary a lot depending on which reservation site is providing the quote. I have found Las Vegas hotel rates to vary as much as $100 for the same room depending on the site used.

When I figured this out a while ago, I was stunned just a little. So much for being the educated consumer. Our recommendation is to click on at least 3 of the reservation links we provide in this site. Just look around for them in the articles or on the side of the page. Eventually I will do some reviews of different reservation sites. Compare prices and pick the least expensive.

So our tip is: Save up to $100 per night by comparing prices. Imagine paying $375/night, when you could get the same room for $275/night! Getting out the old calculator that's up to $700 more of shows, restaurants and poker on a one week stay.

Hotel Photo under GNU Free Documentation License